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Atol Aurora Amphibious Aircraft

Engineered for Freedom

Atol Avion is a developer of light sport aircraft delivering unparalleled performance through modern design and advanced composite construction. The amphibious Atol Aurora combines rugged construction, folding wings with an industry leading useful load to deliver unmatched owner value at an attractive price.

Rotax Cessna 150 motor upgrade

Upgrade your C150 with a modern engine

Atol Avion has been granted an STC for the installation of the 100 HP Rotax 912 S3 and a constant speed propeller in the Cessna 150 providing the benefits of modern propulsion for one of the world’s most popular aircraft. The new configuration has been named the Rotax C150 and Atol Avion provides all components and services to implement the upgrade.

The C150 is the 5th most widely produced civilian aircraft and tens of thousands still operate worldwide. Rugged construction and docile handling have endeared the C150 to private owners and flight schools for decades and now these operators can enjoy the benefits of state of the art propulsion.


The materials of the plane are all optimized by selecting the best material for each structure. The main components have been selected carefully, for example the engine is provided by Rotax, avionics by Dynon Avionics, brakes and wheels by Beringer Aero.

Dynon Avionics
Beringer Aero