Atol Avion



The Atol Avion crew consists of highly experienced team of design, production and sales/marketing professionals.



Atol Avion Ltd was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Mr. Markku Koivurova and commercial pilot Mr. Anssi Rekula with a goal of providing pilots with a light compact airplane enabling the freedom to take off from both land and water. The production and headquarters of the company is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. Atol Avion Ltd is specialized in amphibious aircraft with advanced composite structures and prototype design, representing Finnish competence and innovation at it´s best.



Atol Avion delivers unmatched amphibious flying experiences.



Atol Avion is a leading developer of amphibious Light Sport Aircraft delivering unparalleled performance through modern design and advanced composite construction.

CEO Mr. Toni Ek joined Atol Avion in 2014. He has completed an Aircraft Technician degree at Lapland Vocational College. After graduation Mr. Ek gained 4 years’ experience in aircraft maintenance and got Part- 66 B1.2 Mechanic License. After that Mr. Ek gained three years’ experience as Inspector on Part- 145 organization. At Atol, before he became the CEO, he has been responsible for production management and development and construction of prototypes.

Co-founder, head of type design, Mr. Markku Koivurova is responsible for innovation and type design of Atol aircrafts. He has studied machine construction technology and aeronautical engineering and he has received Engineer degree from Oulu Technical School of Engineering in 1978. He has served as an expert in different projects, in which technical structures and machines have been developed and built (e.g. snowmobile designed for children, gas turbine powered hydraulic power source and high voltage stone disintegrator). Markku designed Atol 450 at the end of 80’s when he worked as a Technical Director for Martekno, He was responsible for scaling up the aircraft production. He has several licenses/certificates in aviation: Private Pilot Licence (helicopter), Ultralight Pilot Licence (UPL), Aircraft Weight and Balance Certification, and Aircraft Inspector Permit for Hang Gliders and Ultra Light Aircrafts. He has also acted as consultant for Finnish Safety Inspection Authority.

Mr. Koivurova is a member of the Board of Atol Avion Oy

HDO and HOA Mr. Kari Lumppio has M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. His expertise is in testing and structural bonding of metals and composite materials. Kari gained a lot of  experience in the above when he was a researcher at the University. Structural analysis, hand and computer calculations for metal, composite and wood structures are familiar to him. He has working experience also from aviation authority and of major aircraft modification design and certification.

He is passionate about airplanes and has 500+ hours PPL and 200+ hours sailplane flight time.

Mr. Juhani Kostin is working as a Production Manager and Supplier & Subcontractor Manager at Atol Avion. His duties include the Management of Production and sourcing. He has been working creditable in Atol Avion quality department as QM and as a HISM of Design organization. He has completed an Aircraft maintenance fitter program at Lapland Vocational College and has a Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License. Juhani has eight years’ experience as airplane mechanic/fitter in several maintenance companies and has completed following courses related to quality management in aviation:


  • EASA examination: E.748-21G-Production Organization Approval.001 – Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 (9.1.2017)
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements and internal auditing
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Lead Auditor training
  • POA part-21 training

Quality Manager QM, Mr. Hannu Kinisjärvi has around thirty years experience in aviation technology environment and is still attracted to be there. Addition to QM he is working as a Head of Independend System Monitoring HISM, which covers also the Atol Avion design organisation.

Before Atol Avion Hannu has been worked in many different positions in military aviation beginning from aircraft technician ending up to Technical Manager (ref. Accountable Manager in Part 145 organisation). After military career he worked as a Quality Manager and aviation maintenance instructor in vocational college. His specialities are aviation power plants, human factors and safety management.

Hannu has Engineer degree in mechanical engineering and Master’s degree in Military Sciences (aviation technics).

He is a holder of Aircraft Maintenance License (AML,EASA).

Paul Richards is the President of Atol USA, which is the US joint venture formed between Atol Avion and a US based Investor group for the purpose of selling and supporting Atol Avion’s products in North America.

Paul is an entrepreneur whose business interests include privately funded and venture capital backed technology start-ups with particular expertise in business development, funding and M&A activities. He is an Instrument and Seaplane rated private pilot with tail dragger and high performance-complex endorsements.

The Board

The Board of Atol Avion has wide experience in international business, manufacturing, logistics and management. The Board functions as a mentor to the management in addition to performing its legal requirements.

CEO Mr. Toni Ek 

Mr. Markku Koivurova is responsible for the development of the design of Atol products.

Mr. Esa Kataisto, chairman, is responsible for operations of the Board  and financing.

Mr. Petri Kinnunen is responsible for the follow up of the development of the business plan of the company.