Jul 5, 2019News

Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft are reinvigorated in Finnish Lapland.

Consider this for a minute: Finland has some 188 000 lakes, the largest of which is Lake Saimaa at 4 400 km2. For Finns, these fresh bodies of water represent summertime, relaxation and a place for a reinvigorating dip after sweating it out in the sauna. But, they can also have another unexpected, yet very practical purpose: acting as an aircraft landing strip.

“Years ago when I was still flying long haul flights, quite a few of my colleagues started to buy seaplanes,” recalls pilot Anssi Rekula. “They told stories of how you can visit all your friends at their summerhouses. I had a four-hour drive to our summerhouse, but it would only take one-and-a-half hours by airplane. I started to think why not.”

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