Atol Aurora™ Amphibious Aircraft


Wing folding system with automatic control line connection

Dual controls

Dual brake pedals

Beringer wheels and brakes

Four point seat belts and shoulder harnesses

Electric trim

Glass cockpit

Electrical sockets in the instrument panel

Cockpit heater and defog

Fresh air nozzle

One-bolt propeller quick connection

Two bilge pumps

Bulkheads in the rear fuselage to prevent any bilge water from moving uncontrollably

Paddles and fasteners

Nose storage compartment

Cockpit upholstery fabric/artificial leather, luggage compartment painted

White paint scheme with decals (factory design). Special design or colors subject to separate offer.

Pilot Operating Handbook, Service manuals


Atol AURORA™ two-seat amphibious light sport aircraft

Engineered for Freedom

Atol Aurora amphibious light sport aircraft offers many highly appreciated benefits: Innovative durable wood composite structure which is light and environmental friendly, easy to fly characteristics, easy beaching and docking, cockpit entry and exit, foldable and quickly disconnect wings and propeller, easy moving and appropriate storage in a trailer.

 It is suitable for wide variety of flight training such as tailwheel endorsement, retractable gear and sea rating. Low operating costs consisting of normal 95 E-98 E gasoline (MOGAS), oil changes (every 100 h) and full maintenance (every 10 years). 

 The light weight wood composite has highly advantageous material properties: it is corrosion free, durable, strong, easy to repair and it is sustainable material.

Atol Aurora is versatile and capable two-seater seaplane, which can be stored in a small space and transported in a trailer to a lake or river for take-off and landing. It can operate from land and water and for use in snow conditions this light amphibious taildragger plane can also be equipped with skis. Skis with wheels can be purchased as an additional option and they are easy to mount when needed.  

The flexibility and ease of use, combined with the ability to operate without having to rely on heavy airport infrastructure, can make flying possible also for those living away from airports. Therefore we say Atol Aurora amphibious LSA is “Engineered for Freedom”.

Rental airport hangar is not needed as the Atol Aurora with foldedable wings can be stored safely outside in one´s own yard in a special Atol Mobile Hangar, that combines protected storing in ideal conditions and transporting the aircraft.

General maintenance

Due to its careful design, the ATOL Aurora amphibian LSA requires only cleaning and daily inspection in normal operations. For the engine and avionics just follow their manufacturers’ service instructions. Your ATOL should be stored in relatively normal conditions in a hangar or in the ATOL Mobile Hangar.

Technical Specifications

Empty Weight:
830 lb (377 kg)

Maximum Take-Off Weight:
1430 lb (650 kg)

Useful load:
600lb (273 kg)

Take-off Distance:
from water at MTOW over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle 1500 ft (457 m)

Rotax 912 iS Sport

68” (1720 mm) three-blade prop fixed pitch


7,45 m (24′ 5″)

Wing span:
9,00 m (29′ 6″)

Wing area:
13,5 m2 (145 ft2)

Tail plane span:
2,60 m (8′ 6″)

Width, wings folded:
2,2 m (7′ 3″)


In Flight

Stall speed:
40 kts (74 km/h)

86 kts (160 km/h)

Fuel capacity:
80 litres (21,1 US gal)

Fuel consumption:
16 liters/h at 160 km/h

Range at 160 km/h:
800 km (432 nm)

Endurance (max):
5 hours